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 Bell Ringers Association

For information about the bell ringers please contact Hugh Deam on 07484 223014 or visit website: http://www.oldmarstonbells.we.bs/

To hear the bells: http://www.odg.org.uk/history/audio/marston01.mp3


Court Place Farm Allotment Association

This allotment is owned by Oxford City Council. For more information turn up at the allotment ‘office’ (Oxford Road, Old Marston Village) on a Sunday Morning between 09:30 and 11:30. Or contact: Mr Tim Cann: OX202104


Friends of St Nicks (FOSNS)

 “Friends of St Nicholas School” is group dedicated to fund raising for the school and supporting the school in other ways. The group is open to all parents, teachers and supporters of the school and would like to encourage others to join them. They have helped to raise the money for the adventure playground and a range of activities. They also have an active social calendar which is open to families of all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. The Parish Council has awarded small grants to FOSNS towards providing resources. For more information please call Nicki Sullivan: 01865-248369


Guides, Brownies, Rainbows and Ranger Units

Meet throughout the week during the evenings. Adult volunteers welcome. for more information contact the District Commissioner Katy Beckhurst OX240516 or 07966597684. 


Marston Community Gardening Group

Marston Community Gardening – Help/encourage people to grow fruit, herbs and veg in their own gardens, Develop ‘Community Gardening Spaces’ for communally-grown fruit and veg, Share any surplus fruit, veg and herbs locally, Collect surplus from gardens to distribute throughout the village, Give practical help to increase compost making. Contact: Email: katejorobinson@gmail.com Mobile: Alistair 07804847285 Facebook: ‘Marston Community Gardening’


Marston Saints Football Club

Address: Boults Lane – Clubhouse Only, Old Marston, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 0PW


Marston Wives Group

 The Group meets alternate Wednesdays at 19.45 at St. Nicholas Church Hall in Elsfield Road and are entertained by speakers/demonstrators. New members welcome. Open to females. Contact Ann Joyce OX242329. On 6th September 1950 the Young Wives had its first meeting with a social in the Old Reading Room. (This no longer exists) Mrs. Connie Wheeler was the first chairman from 1950-1952, when Mrs. Vera Savage became the first leader from 1952-1957. Coffee and biscuits in 1964 cost 4d (old money).


Mortimer Hall Pre-school

Mortimer Hall Pre-School Meets in Mortimer Hall week days during school term times and is open to children from the age of 2 years 6 months (2 ½) until school age. Mortimer Hall Pre-School can offer 3 hour or 6 hour sessions (depending on availability). Mortimer Hall Pre-school is a registered charity number 1022797 and Ofsted Registration number 134009. For more information please call 01865-604208 or e-mail: admin@mortimerhallpreschool.com

 or view:



Old Marston Area Preservation Trust

The Preservation Trust is the Old Marston section of the Oxford Preservation Trust. The Trust owns land in Oxford, including a large amount of land around Old Marston including the Victoria Arms land with the view to protecting Oxford’s green belt and prevent over-development. One of the properties owned by the Preservation Trust is the play area in Mill Lane which is maintained by the Parish Council for the benefit of the local community.

Tel: 01865 242918, info@oxfordpreservation.org.uk

Or visit their website at: http://www.oxfordpreservation.org.uk/

Land Ownership: https://www.oxfordpreservation.org.uk/content/oxford-places


Old Marston Charities Trust

A local registered charity which is managed by Parish Council and local trustees which provides small grants to local individuals and families in the parish who are facing financial hardship. The money is derived from rent on land in the parish and distributed by the trustees. The charity originates from the early 1600s. For more information on the history of the charity click here. To find out more about the charity please contact the parish clerk.


Old Marston Mill Lane Allotments Association

The allotments in Mill Lane are owned by the parish council and are run by an independent management committee. Contact the Parish Clerk for further information or Masha Unkovskaya on 07771702548 or 01865792951. New members pay £25.00 subscription – in return the ground is prepared prior to use. Annual subscription is £25.00 per year, payable in October. Plot holders pay £1.75 per year for insurance.


Old Marston Parish Council

The parish council is the local government body for Old Marston. The parish council own the land the hall is built upon and lease the land. The Parish Council have supported the hall in various ways over the years. To fine out more then go to their website: https://www.oldmarston-pc.gov.uk


Oxford City Football Club

Another local football club is the Oxford City Football Club by Oxsrad in Marsh Lane, Marston, OX3 0NQ – Website http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/oxfordcityfc/


Over 50’s Club

The over 50’s Club is open to Old Marston Residents over fifty years of age. There is a regular raffle, talks, tea and a range of other activities. It meets on alternate Mondays at St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road. Membership costs £5 per year. For more information please contact Gill Wells on 01865-240357. View some pictures here.


Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Marston Medical Centre
This group is open to all registered patients over 16 years of age, regardless of age, gender or ethnic group. The PPG aims to involve all patients in their general meetings and is represented by a small ‘core group’ who work closely with the medical and non-medical staff at the Centre, with whom we meet and communicate regularly. We act as a voice for patients on general patient experiences (we do not deal with personal matters or complaints), concerns about health issues and general development of the Centre. We need your support! You can join us by completing the form under ‘patient group’ on the Centre website or by sending your details by email to marstonppg@gmail.com or by phone to Annie Tysom (Co-ordinator) 07849.608851. More details are on display in the Centre. Act now to join us!



43rd Oxford Scout Troop caters for boys and girls aged 10-14 and we meet at our headquarters in Boult’s Lane, Old Marston on Thursday evenings between 19:00 and 21:00. Our section follows on from the Beaver Scouts (aged 6-8) and Cub Scouts (aged 8-10) who also meet at our headquarters. Scouts are split into patrols with a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader, which forms the basis of their groupings for troop evenings. Group Chairman Pete Anderton on 01865-434912


Women’s Institute

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI), the largest voluntary organisation for women in the UK with 211,000 members in England, Wales and the Islands. They play a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities. Marston Wl was founded in May 1921. Meetings usually consist of twenty minutes for general business, a guest speaker, refreshments and a range of activities. Visitors are welcome. Membership is £43 per year

Meetings: Every second Tuesday of the month at St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road.

For more information contact Mavis Curtis tel: 01865 351325 Email: mcurtis936@gmail.com or visit their Website 

 Please some information may have changed since being published so please do contact the organisations to confirm and please let us know of any changes.  Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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